Difference Between Black Soil and Laterite Soil

Difference Between Black Soil and Laterite Soil:

Following are the points of difference between Black Soil and Laterite Soil-

Black Soil (Regur Soil)Laterite Soil
Regur Soil is the local name given to the Black Soil, Cotton has grown abundantly in it. So it is also called Cotton Soil. This soil has come into existence by the solidification of lava spread over large areas during volcanic activities.The soil which has come into existence because of the leaching processes in the heavy rainfall areas of tropical India is called Laterite Soil.
The soil is very fertile and there is no need for manuring.It is less fertile. Only grass grows in it abundantly.
During the dry season, it develops cracks and during rains it becomes sticky.This soil neither develops cracks in the dry season nor is sticky during the wet season.
It is clayey and there are no visible crystals in it.It is heavily crystalline. It looks like Badarpur.
It is capable of maintaining moisture for long periods.It lacks moisture.
Soil nutrients are found in abundance. Calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate and iron contents are found in it in large quantities.It lacks lime, phosphorous and nitrogen. Soda and Potash are not, at all, found in it.
Deccan trap is known for Regur Soil. Maharashtra, Gujarat and M.P. dominate in this soil.The Eastern parts of Peninsular India abound in Laterite Soil. It is found in patches. Some regions of Meghalaya also have Laterite Soil.
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