Difference Between Great Mountain Wall of the North and Peninsular Plateau

Great Mountain Wall of the North and Peninsular Plateau:

The following are the points of difference between Great Mountain Wall of the North and Peninsular Plateau.

Great Mountain Wall of the NorthPeninsular Plateau
The Great Mountain Wall of the North comprises the greatest and highest mountain ranges of the world.The Peninsular Plateau is rugged and dissected and is a remnant portion of the great old landmass called the Gondwana land.
These mountains are the young fold mountains and have come into existence as a result of the uplift of the strata formed by the sedimentary rocks.This plateau is the result of the split of the old landmass, the Gondwana land. It has igneous and metamorphic rocks in abundance.
These mountain ranges are parallelly arranged. They are separated by the intervening valleys and undulating plains.These plateaus have been dissected by rivers, faulting and vertical movements of the earth.
The ranges abound in I-shaped valleys and U-shaped valleys.There is an abundance of horsts, rift valleys and troughs.
Perennial rivers originate from the snow-capped mountain ranges.In the absence of snow-capped mountain ranges, the rivers originating in this region are rainfed and seasonal.
Major Mountain peaks include the Everest, the K2 , the Kanchenjunga, the Nanda Devi, the Kailash etc.The Anaimudi, the Nilgiri, the Dodabeta, the Cardamom etc. are important peaks or hillocks.

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