Difference Between Himalayan and Peninsular River

Difference Between Himalayan and Peninsular River:

The following are the points of difference between Himalayan and Peninsular River-

Himalayan RiverPeninsular River
These rivers originate from the lofty Himalayan ranges and are named as the Himalayan rivers.These rivers originate in the Peninsular Plateau and are named as Peninsular rivers.
The Himalayan rivers are perennial as they are both glacial and rainfed. The perennial nature of these rivers makes them useful for irrigation.The Peninsular rivers are non-perennial or seasonal as they are only rainfed with the only exception of Cauveri. As such these rivers are much less useful for irrigation.
The Himalayan rivers are longer in the course and have a large river basin.The Peninsular rivers are smaller in the course and have a small river basin.
Himalayan rivers flow through the young fold mountains.Peninsular rivers flow through the late mature or old crystalline block of India i.e. Peninsula.
Himalayan rivers have more numerous tributaries.Peninsular rivers have fewer tributaries.
Major Himalayan rivers have their origin across the national border i.e. they are multinational.All Peninsular rivers have their source in India.
Himalayan rivers are characterized by rapids, cataracts, and waterfalls.These characteristics are missing in Peninsular rivers.
Himalayan rivers have high flow velocity, carry the enormous load and so they have larger flood plains and the largest delta. Example- Sunderbans.Peninsular rivers have less flow velocity, carry less load and so they have smaller flood plains.
Himalayan rivers have hydro-electric power generation potential but the realization is less.Peninsular rivers have less hydro-electric power generation potential but the realization is more.
Himalayan rivers are antecedent in character.Peninsular rivers are non-antecedent in character.

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