Comparison Between Luther and Calvin

Comparison Between Luther and Calvin:

Both Luther and Calvin opposed the Catholic Church at the same time and established separate sects. Both accepted the Bible and Christ thoroughly. But they rejected the authority of the pope. Both influenced, specifically, the middle classes and raised their voice against pomp and show. But their reforms and ways differed from each other in the following ways.

(1) Without neglecting the Church wholly, Luther was content with a few changes that were worked out after considering Germnay’s national interest, while Calvin insisted on drastic changes.

(2) Luther could not draw a clear-cut line between state and religion, but Clavin clearly defined the sphere of work of state and religion.

(3) Luther agreed to consider miracles as symbols but Calvin altogether rejected him.

(4) Luther considered faith to be the basis of salvation. For Calvin, faith or action did not matter because he maintained that destiny is pre-ordained.

(5) Luther did not pay proper attention to the character and conduct of his followers, but Clavin attached great importance to disciplined character.

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