Download Tamil Board Economics Book For IAS Exam

Download Tamil Board Economics Book For IAS Exam:

Class 11th Economics:

Chapter 1: Introduction To Micro-Economics
Chapter 2: Consumption Analysis
Chapter 3: Production Analysis
Chapter 4: Cost and Revenue Analysis
Chapter 5: Market Structure and Pricing
Chapter 6: Distribution Analysis
Chapter 7: Indian Economy
Chapter 8: Indian Economy Before and After Independence
Chapter 9: Development Experiences in India
Chapter 10: Rural Economics
Chapter 11: Tamil Nadu Economy
Chapter 12: Mathematical Methods for Economics

Class 12th Economics:

Chapter 1: Introduction to Macro Economics
Chapter 2: National Income
Chapter 3: Theories of Employment and Income
Chapter 4: Consumption and Investment Functions
Chapter 5: Monetary Economics
Chapter 6: Banking
Chapter 7: International Economics
Chapter 8: International Economic Organisations
Chapter 9: Fiscal Economics
Chapter 10: Environmental Economics
Chapter 11: Economics of Development and Planning
Chapter 12: Introduction to Statistical Methods and Econometrics

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