Impact of the Emergence of Asian and African countries as Independent nations on the World

Impact of the Emergence of Asian and African countries:

The emergence of the various Asian and African countries had a unique impact on the world, chiefly in the following fields-

The Afro-Asian Unity- The emergence of Asian and African countries as free nations led to Afro-Asian unity. The different Asian and African countries had common history, aspirations and problems. This brought them closer to one another.

Conference of the Afro-Asian Countries- This important conference was held at Bandung (Indonesia) in 1955. It greatly strengthened Afro-Asian unity. This conference was attended by 23 Asian and 6 African countries. China, India and Indonesia played a vital role in this conference. By uniting themselves, the Afro-Asian countries were able to safeguard their freedom and solve their social and economic problems with mutual cooperation. This Afro-Asian Conference of 1955 is an event of great importance in the History of the World. It was the first attempt by the newly independent Afro-Asian nations to come closer to each other. As a result of this conference, the unity between different countries of the two continents (Asia and Africa) has definitely increased.

Liquidation of Colonialism- The newly independent countries of Asia and Africa were well aware of a wretched lot of the slave countries. Hence they lent a helping hand in the freedom struggles of the slave countries. They persistently opposed the imperialist countries and pressurized them to grant independence to their captured colonies.

Neutrality of Newly Independent Countries- The imperialist powers formed military blocs after the Second World War. This led to a race for armaments. In turn, it created an unhealthy atmosphere of tension and the cold war and endangered world peace. Most of the newly independent countries of Asia and Africa remained neutral. They busied themselves in the enormous tasks of their social and economic uplift and reconstruction. Thus they not only checked the spread of the Cold War but also promoted an atmosphere of peace and tranquillity in the world.

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