Impact of Montessori on Modern Education

Impact of Montessori on Modern Education:

  • Scientific Concept of Education- Today we treat education as a science. We depend upon experimentation, observation and other scientific methods for improvement in the field of education. Montessori gave a scientific approach to education and laid emphasis on observation and experimentation.
  • Emphasis on Individual Teaching- In the modern system of education, an individual is given due weightage. Montessori held that individual attention should be paid to each child. Opportunities should be provided to each child to develop in his own way. The emphasis on individual teaching is an improvement upon the old methods of group teaching.
  • Psychological approach to Education- In the modern system of education, we lay much emphasis on the psychology of the child. Today we attach importance to the needs, interest, motives and potentialities of the child. Play-way spirit is also encouraged. Montessori psychologised education and recognized the importance of psychological principles.
  • Freedom for the Child- Montessori gave impetus to the ‘Freedom for the child movement’. Freedom is the fundamental right of every human being. Montessori was the first educator who demonstrated to us the practical aspect of freedom in the classroom. In the modern system of education, the child is given freedom in many respects.
  • Positive Discipline- Montessori gave us a new concept of discipline. She was against all types of prizes and punishments as they are incentives towards the unnatural development of a child. Her concept of discipline is that of self-control and self-directed activity. It should not be obtained through the repressive measure. It should not be imposed from outside, but it should be from within. Montessori’s concept of discipline has significantly influenced the modern concept of discipline.
  • Democracy in Education- Montessori’s ‘Children House’ was practically a democratic institution, where children had to pay regard to the freedom of others and work co-operatively in various activities like cleaning the rooms and serving meals in the lunchroom. Modern institutions are also run on democratic lines.
  • Learning by Doing- In the modern system of education importance has been attached to learning by doing. In Montessori’s system of education, children learn by doing and living.
  • Right Place for the Teacher- In the Montessori system, a teacher has to play a special role. He is to provide the right type of environment and proper material at the proper moment. He is not to give spoon-feeding. He should help when his help is sought by the students. Montessori substitutes the term ‘directress’ for the word ‘teacher’.
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