Must-Read General Studies Booklist for UPSC IAS Prelims

Important Booklist for UPSC IAS Prelims:

Booklist for UPSC IAS Prelims


Ancient and Medieval Indian History:
  1. The Harappan Civilisation.
  2. Early States And Economies.
  3. Early Societies.
  4. Cultural Developments.
  5. Perceptions of Society.
  6. Bhakti-Sufi Traditions.

Note: By reading the above books your “Art and Culture” section will also get covered. You can also refer to below link for more information on “Art and Culture”-

Modern Indian History:


Indian Polity:



Science and Technology:

Current Affairs:

Civil Services Aptitude Test (CSAT):

Significance of Harappan CivilizationThe Khilji Dynasty (1290-1320)
Significance Of Vedic AgeDisintegration of Delhi Sultanate
Importance and Contribution of BuddhismThe Bhakti Movement
Causes For The Decline Of The Mauryan EmpireVijayanagar Society And Economy
Harshavardhana or Harsha (606-647 A.D.)The Mughal Empire (1556-1707)

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