Difference Between Male and Female Gametophytes of an Angiosperm

Male and Female Gametophytes of an Angiosperm:

The following are the points of difference between Male and Female Gametophytes of an Angiosperm-

Male GametophyteFemale Gametophyte
It is developed from microspore or pollen grain.It is developed from a megaspore.
It does not remain permanently embedded inside the microsporangium.The female gametophyte remains permanently embedded in the megasporangium or nucellus.
There are two phases of growth, pre-pollination and post-pollination.All the cells are formed in a single phase of growth.
Generally, the microspores are shed at maturity and transferred from anthers to the stigma by the process called pollination.The megaspores are not shed from the ovules.
Male gametes come out of pollen grain due to the formation of the pollen tube.Female gamete always remains inside and covered by a membrane of megasporangium.
The mature male gametophyte is 3-celled (a vegetative tube cell and two male gametes).The mature female gametophyte is 7-celled (an egg, two synergids, three antipodals and a central cell).
All the cells of the male gametophyte are functional. The tube cell is required to carry the two male gametes, both of which take part in fertilization.All the 7 cells are not functional. Antipodal cells may or may not in absorption of nourishment. Out of the two synergids, one is playing the role to receive the pollen tube.
It will disintegrate after fertilization.After fertilization, two new structures are produced both of which show active growth.

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