Download Tamil Board Political Science Book For IAS Exam

Tamil Board Political Science Book For IAS Exam:

Class 11th Political Science:

Chapter 1: Introduction to Political Science
Chapter 2: State
Chapter 3: Basic concepts of Political Science – Part I
Chapter 4: Basic concepts of Political Science – Part II
Chapter 5: Democracy
Chapter 6: Forms of Government
Chapter 7: Political Thought
Chapter 8: Political Ideologies – Part I
Chapter 9: Political Ideologies – Part II
Chapter 10: Public Opinion and Party System
Chapter 11: Election and Representation
Chapter 12: Local Governments
Chapter 13: Social Justice
Chapter 14: Political Developments in Tamilnadu
Chapter 15: Tamil Nadu Political Thought

Class 12th Political Science:

Chapter 1: Constitution of India
Chapter 2: Legislature
Chapter 3: Executive
Chapter 4: Indian Judiciary
Chapter 5: Federalism in India
Chapter 6: Administrative Machinery in India
Chapter 7: Challenges of Nation Building
Chapter 8: Planning and Development Politics
Chapter 9: India and the World
Chapter 10: India and Its Neighbours
Chapter 11: International Organisations
Chapter 12: Environmental Concerns and Globalisation
Chapter 13: List of Constitutional Amendments of India (1st to 103rd Amendment)

Subsidiary Alliance- Merits And DemeritsSignificance of Harappan Civilization
Doctrine Of Lapse- Lord DalhousieSignificance Of Vedic Age
Ryotwari Settlement 1820Importance and Contribution of Buddhism
Zamindari System or Permanent Settlement 1793Sufism In India
The Non-Cooperation Movement (1920-22)The Bhakti Movement

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