Difference Between Passive and Active Water Absorption

Difference Between Passive and Active Water Absorption:

The following are the points of difference between Passive and Active Water Absorption-

Passive Water AbsorptionActive Water Absorption
During passive water absorption, only solar energy is utilized.During active water absorption, metabolic energy is utilized.
The pressure for absorption is not developed in roots
and hence roots play a passive role.
Active absorption takes place by the activity of root and
root hairs.
There is negative pressure or tension in the xylem.There is positive pressure in the xylem.
Water is absorbed as a result of tension created by transpirational pull.Water is absorbed by roots by osmosis against a concentration gradient.
It is dependent on transpiration. When the transpiration is fast, passive water absorption takes place.It is independent of transpiration.
As the force resides in a shoot, the shoot is essential for passive water absorption.As the force resides in a root, the shoot is not essential for active water absorption.
Living cells are not required for passive water absorption.Living cells are essential. They either pump water or deposit salts into the xylem.
Respiratory energy not requiredRespiratory energy needed.
Metabolic poisons have little effect.Metabolic poisons immediately stop active water absorption.
Both symplast and apoplast movement of water involvedIt involves symplastic movement of water

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