Differences Between Arteries and Veins

Differences Between Arteries and Veins:

The following are the points of differences between Arteries and Veins.

It generally appears pink.It is generally dark red in colour.
Arteries are usually deep-seated.Veins are usually superficial.
They carry blood away from the heart into various organs and tissues.They bring blood from various organs and tissues into or towards the heart.
They contain oxygenated blood except pulmonary artery.They contain deoxygenated blood except pulmonary vein.
Blood flows under pressure.Blood has low pressure.
Blood flows with jerks.Jerks are absent.
The flow of blood is very fast.The flow of blood is slow.
Their wall is thick, strong and less distensible.Their wall is thin, weak and more distensible.
Tunica intima coat bears a well-developed layer of endothelium and elastic tissue membrane (elastic lamina).Tunica intima coat bears a poorly developed layer of endothelium and relatively thin elastic membrane.
Tunica media coat provides the thickest portion to an artery and consists of more elastic and muscular fibres.Tunica media coat is poorly developed and its muscular and elastic fibres are fewer.
Tunica adventitia coat is comparatively less developed and not much thicker.Tunica adventitia coat is comparatively well developed and much thicker.
They are non-collapsible due to the presence of thick walls.They are collapsible due to the presence of thin walls.
The lumen of arteries is small.The lumen of a vein is large.
At any time arteries contain 16% of total blood.64% of body blood is present in veins.
Internal valves are absent.Internal valves are usually present for preventing backflow.
They become empty after the death of an animal.They retain blood even after the death of an animal.

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