Difference Between Respiration And Combustion

Difference Between Respiration And Combustion:

Following are the points of difference between Respiration and Combustion or Burning.

It occurs inside cells i.e. intracellular process.It is a non-cellular process.
It is under biological control.Combustion is an uncontrolled process.
Respiration is a biochemical process.Combustion is a Physico-chemical process.
Energy is released in stages as chemical bonds are broken in steps.Energy is released in a single step as all chemical steps occur simultaneously.
Less than 50% of energy is liberated as heat.Most of the energy is liberated as heat.
Temperature does not rise due to liberation of heat in very small packets.Temperature becomes very high.
Light is not an accompaniment of respiration though certain organisms can produce light.Light is emitted in combustion.
About 50% of the energy is stored.Energy is not stored.
Energy is trapped in the form of ATP.ATP is not formed.
Oxygen is involved in terminal oxidation or oxidation of reduced coenzymes.Oxygen is used in direct oxidation.
A number of intermediates are formed. They are used in the synthesis of different organic compounds.No intermediates are produced in combustion.
A number of enzymes are required, one for each step or reaction.Burning is a non-enzymatic process.

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