Duties of a Supervisor

Duties of a Supervisor:

A supervisor is an individual in a position of authority who oversees and manages the work of others within an organization or team. They are responsible for ensuring that tasks and projects are completed effectively and efficiently. During the course of performing his duties as a supervisor, a person has to perform several duties. H. Nissen gives a list of the following eleven duties of a supervisor.

(1) To understand the duties and responsibilities of his own position.

(2) To plan the execution of work.

(3) To divide the work among the subordinates.

(4) To improve work methods and procedures.

(5) To improve his own knowledge as a technical expert.

(6) To train the personnel.

(7) To evaluate the performance of the employees.

(8) To correct mistakes and solve employees’ problems.

(9) To keep the subordinates informed about policies and the changes to be made.

(10) To cooperate with his colleagues and seek advice and assistance when needed.

(11) To deal with employees’ suggestions and complaints.

To this list we can add another fundamental duty i.e., to cultivate the qualities of a good supervisor through conscious efforts, self-education, and faithful discharge of his duties.

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