Far From the Madding Crowd Characters

Far From the Madding Crowd Characters:

Major Characters:
  • Gabriel Oak- He is one of the three lovers of Bathsheba. He is the first suitor and the last claimant of this woman. He is essentially a dedicated and loyal worker. His name symbolizes his closeness to nature. For all his gifts, Gabriel Oak is not proud. Perhaps his only flaw is his inflexibility. Like the Oak (a tree), he is not easily moved.
  • William Boldwood- William Boldwood, a rich farmer, is a confirmed bachelor of 41. He is very indifferent to women. Bathsheba’s letter inflames his love. He kills Troy and gets life term.
  • Sergeant Troy- He is a dashing soldier. He gets involved with both the female characters, Bathsheba and Fanny Robin. He is unfaithful and fickle-minded, He is given to horse racing and drinking.
  • Bathsheba Everdene- She is a young, charming, and vain person. She inherits the farm of her uncle. She rejects Oak’s suit (marriage proposal), inflames (excites, kindles) Boldwood’s passion (intense love) whom she actually does not love, and marries Sergeant Troy rather hastily only to repent.
  • Fanny Robin- She is an orphan girl. She is very simple, innocent, and sincere. She suffers as a victim of chance. Betrayed (deceived) by Sergeant Troy, she dies in a charity home.
Minor Characters:
  • The Malster- He is a very aged owner of the Malthouse near Weatherbury. He is very talkative and vain.
  • Joseph Poorgrass- He is a carter on Bathsheba’s farm. He has a taste for strong drinks. He is an amusing character in the novel.
  • Pennyways- He is the bailiff on Bathsheba’s farm. He is dismissed for stealing barley. He sends a chit to Bathsheba referring to Troy in the circus.
  • Liddy Smallbury- She is the great grand-daughter of the old Malster. She is Bathsheba’s personal companion and confidant (one with whom you can share private secrets).
  • Maryann Money- She is a maidservant in Bathsheba’s house. She is a charwoman (a woman whose job is to clean and tidy a private house).
  • Jan Coggan- Jan Coggan, a middle-aged bachelor, is a farm worker. He is a close friend of Gabriel Oak.
  • Cain Ball- He is an assistant shepherd to Gabriel Oak.
  • Laban Tall- He is a young farmhand. He is hen-pecked by his older wife. He is invited to be a witness to Bathsheba’s marriage with Oak.
  • Mathew Moon- He is another general farmhand.

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