Fanaticism- Synonyms, Antonyms, and Sentences

Synonyms and Antonyms For Fanaticism:

Fanaticism Meaning- Refers to extreme and often irrational enthusiasm, dedication, or zeal for a particular belief, cause, ideology, or person.

Fanaticism Definition- Fanaticism is a term used to describe an extreme and uncompromising adherence or devotion to a particular belief, ideology, religion, or cause. It involves an excessive and often irrational zeal that goes beyond normal levels of passion or enthusiasm. Fanaticism is typically characterized by an intense and unwavering commitment to a specific set of ideas, often accompanied by a disregard for alternative viewpoints, intolerance towards dissent, and a willingness to engage in extreme or fanatical behavior to further one’s beliefs.

Synonyms For Fanaticism:
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Fanaticism Sentence Examples:

Fanaticism can arise in various domains, including religion, politics, sports, and even fandoms.

Religious fanaticism and acts of communal hysteria are being spread in the country under the cover of the Constitution and religious freedom.

Religious fanaticism is the greatest thorn in the path of cultural intimacy.

While racism has abated, religious fanaticism has taken an upward swing and assumed medieval proportions.

Fanaticism can lead to intolerance and the rejection of diversity, as fanatics may believe that their views are the only correct ones.

Fanaticism and unmitigated lust lead only to self-destruction.

Fanaticism can hinder critical thinking and rational decision-making, as fanatics tend to rely on emotions and biases rather than objective analysis.

Attack on Andrew, a reminder of the constant threat of fanaticism.

Overcoming fanaticism requires promoting open dialogue, education, and empathy to encourage a more rational and inclusive approach to differing beliefs and opinions.

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