Doomed- Synonyms, Antonyms, and Sentences

Synonyms and Antonyms For Doomed:

Doomed Meaning- Being destined for an unfavorable or unfortunate outcome.

Doomed Definition- The term “doomed” refers to being destined or fated for an unfavorable, tragic, or catastrophic outcome. It signifies an inescapable or inevitable sense of impending failure, destruction, or demise. Something or someone that is “doomed” is considered to have little or no chance of success or survival. It implies a strong belief or understanding that a negative outcome is certain or highly probable, often due to circumstances, conditions, or actions that are beyond control or irreparable.

Synonyms For Doomed:
Antonyms For Doomed:
Doomed Sentence Examples:

Despite their best efforts, the team’s performance was doomed from the start, as they faced a much stronger opponent.

With the severe storm approaching, the sailors knew their chances of survival were doomed.

Tree study shows how drought may have doomed the ancient Hittite empire.

The dilapidated building stood as a haunting reminder of a once-thriving community, now doomed to decay.

The ill-fated expedition was doomed as soon as they encountered treacherous terrain and harsh weather conditions.

Relationships bloomed and were doomed during the Covid pandemic.

The protagonist in the tragic novel was portrayed as a doomed character, destined for a tragic end.

The reckless decisions made by the government leaders only sealed the nation’s fate and ensured it was doomed.

The failed business venture left the entrepreneur bankrupt and his dreams of success doomed.

Book on Andrew talks of his doomed affair with Catherine.

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