Impact of the Crimean war

Impact of the Crimean war:

(1) It left a great impact on Turkey. The treaty of Paris gave it a new lease of life. The Russian claim of protection of the Christian subjects of Turkey also came to an end. Turkey was included in the group of European countries and they guaranteed her territorial integrity and independence. Now the Sultan of Turkey could introduce internal reforms peacefully, but he could not fulfil his desire of building a strong Turkey. It had become so decrepit internally that its reconstruction seemed impossible.

(2) The Treaty of Paris left a capacious effect on Russia. She was humiliated before the European nations and her extension towards Europe ceased. Now she turned her attention towards Central Asia where England opposed her. Moreover, her dream of establishing her influence over Constantinople and turning the Black Sea into a Russian lake was thwarted for some time.

(3) England came out victorious in the Crimean War. The policy of Palmerston triumphed, but England had to sacrifice 32,000 soldiers and suffer a heavy loss of 80 million pounds without getting even an inch of land in return. But the objective for which England had started the war had been achieved and the independence and integrity of the Ottoman Empire remained intact.

(4) France was also one of the victorious nations. There is no doubt that the Treaty of Paris was a personal triumph for Napoleon III. This victory enhanced the prestige of France among the European nations and for some time Paris became the centre of European politics.

(5) Sardinia also appeared on the list of victorious countries. Being a party to this war, Cavour got an opportunity of placing the problem of unification of Italy before big nations where he won active support from Britian and France.

(6) Austria decided to remain neutral but took an active part in the political activities during the war and it was because of her ultimatum that Russia had to vacate Moldavia and Walachia. This enraged Russia and although Austria was invited for the Treaty of Paris, she got no advantage of it.

(7) Prussia remained completely neutral in the Crimean War. Consequently, Russia felt obliged to him and friendly relations between the two began to grow. These relations continued till 1890 while Bismarck remained in office. Besides this, when Bismarck contended with Austria and France for the unification of Germany, he enjoyed Russian sympathies.

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