JKPSC KAS Mains 2021 General Studies Paper 2

JKPSC KAS Mains 2021 General Studies Paper 2:


Please read each of the following Instructions carefully before attempting the paper.

(i) There are Twenty questions. All questions are compulsory.

(ii) Answers to Questions no. 1 to 10 should be in 150 words, whereas answers to Questions no. 11 to 20 should be in 250 words.

(iii) Keep the word limit indicated in the questions in mind.

(iv) If you encounter any typographical error, please read it as it appears in the text book.

(v) Candidates are in their own interest advised to go through the general instructions on the back side of the title page of the Answer Script for strict adherence.

(vi) No continuation sheets shall be provided to any candidate under any circumstances.

(vii) No blank page be left in between answer to various questions.

1. Discuss the importance of Lok Ayukta amidst the recent bid by Kerala government to amend the Lok Ayukta Act. (150 words) (10)

2. Aspirational districts are not only becoming accelerators of economic growth, but also are eliminating barriers to India’s progress. Elaborate (150 words) (10)

3. Find the difference between ‘regular areas’ and ‘hard areas’ in the AGMUT cadre. (150 words) (10)

4. Do you think there is a need to review and update the constitution at the present juncture? (150 words) (10)

5. Critically analyse the statement, ‘Civil services, judiciary and media are performing at below optimum levels.’ (150 words) (10)

6. Discuss the importance of India’s social justice paradigm amidst the recent call for an All India Federation for Social Justice. (150 words) (10)

7. Critically examine how disruption of parliament has hampered the productivity of both Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha in recent years? (150 words) (10)

8. Discuss how Mission Karmayogi has the potential to turn Indian bureaucracy into futuristic, people centric and accountable, aligned with vision of New India. (150 words) (10)

9. Do you think Pakistan’s first National Security Policy brought out in 2021 is an endeavour to have peace with India? (150 words) (10)

10. Do you think the crisis in Ukraine may add worries for India? (150 words) (10)

11. Critically examine the statement, “India has well established principles of civic nationalism, which seek to present electoral majority in the guise of a religious majority, and monopolise political power.” (250 words) (15)

12. What are the concerns of several state governments on Government of India’s proposed move to amend the IAS service rules? (250 words) (15)

13. Do you think India has been at the centre of gravity as far as cyber terrorism in South Asia is concerned? (250 words) (15)

14. Myanmar has become a vital cog in India’s neighbourhood first policy, Discuss it in the light of growing Chinese influence in the region. (250 words) (15)

15. The strategic intents and logic behind India’s sale of Brahmos missiles to Phillippines mark an assertive Act East policy. Discuss. (250 words) (15)

16. India and Oman showing mutual interest for joint ventures to enhance defence industry cooperation is important for India’s bid to expand its footprint in the Indian Ocean Region. Elucidate. (250 words) (15)

17. Highlight the main features of the draft proposals of the Jammu and Kashmir delimitation commission. (250 words) (15)

18. Describe how the outbreak of covid-19 pandemic has ushered in a new world order with new economic and strategic dimensions. (250 words) (15)

19. The first India-Central Asia Summit held recently is the culmination of the efforts of both the regions to strengthen the three decade old partnership. Discuss. (250 words) (15)

20. Discuss the need for India and Israel to strengthen and deepen their bilateral relationship in the light of the completion of three decades of formal diplomatic ties between the two countries. (250 words) (15)

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