Lenin and the Russian Revolution

Lenin and the Russian Revolution:

Lenin was a great revolutionary of Russia. He joined the Communist Revolutionary Party and spread a revolutionary wave among the workers. He too aspired to set up a socialistic society based on the principles of Karl Marx. He had to stay out of Russia for two years due to the same reason. Hr reached Petrograd when the Russian Revolution broke out in 1917. As a leader of the revolution, he set up a Communist Government. Thus Lenin’s name got inseparably associated with the Russian Revolution.

Lenin’s Contribution in Making the Revolution a Success:

Lenin was the most prominent leader of the Socialist Movement after Karl Marx and Engels. He took the powers of the Russian Government into his hands and took the following steps to make the revolution of 1917, a success-

  • Withdrawal from the First World War- Lenin’s Bolshevik Government, first of all, concluded the Treaty of Brest Litovsk with Germany in 1918 to end the war. Like this Russia withdrew herself from war.
  • Adoption of a New Constitution- It entrusted the task of running the local administration of the towns and the villages to the ‘Soviets’. Lenin was the leader of the Communist Party in whose hands lay the real power of the Government.
  • Abolition of the Right to Private Property- All the means of production were controlled by the Government and the Right to private property was abolished.
  • Distribution of Land- Estates and lands were snatched from the Czars, Clergy and the landlords and were distributed among the tillers. The industries came under the ownership of the workers.
  • Nationalization of Means of Communication etc.- Mines, companies, banks and all means of Communication were nationalized. Five Year Plans were launched for the smooth and rapid growth of the country.
  • Confiscation of Foreign Capital- The foreign capital that was invested in Russain industries was confiscated. The colonies get freedom.
  • Russia named as U.S.S.R- Russia got the new name of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic. All the citizens were provided with work.
  • Extermination of Autocratic Rule- Lenin exterminated the autocratic rule from Russia. He replaced it by a Communist Government. He set up a new economic and social order on the ideals of socialism. Lenin was the real father of the Bolshevik Revolution and the creator of new Russia.

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