What are the properties of water that may have favoured origin of life in it?

Properties of water that may have favoured origin of life in it:

Water is essential for life. Life and water are inseparable. Life first originated in water. If liquid water is available on other planets, life could be expected to originate there also. So, it is impossible to think of any other molecule that could have replaced water. Water has some properties which make it unique in sustaining life. They are as follows-

  • Water is a liquid between 4°C to 90°C and life exists in between this range of temperature.
  • Water protects organisms against thermal shocks, because it does not allow quick changes in the body temperature of organisms due to its latent heat.
  • Water is an excellent solvent. There is no other solvent in nature that is superior to water.
  • On freezing, water becomes lighter and floats as a sheet of ice on the surface, while the water underneath remains liquid and in this way, aquatic plants and animals are protected.
  • Dry chemicals that are non-reactive become reactive in water.
  • Water is made available to the living cells. Because in presence of sunlight and chlorophyll, it splits into molecular oxygen and hydrogen ions.
  • It forms a suitable medium for chemical reaction because it is stable compound and does not decompose easily.
  • It is both splitter and binder.

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