Significance and Impact of Russian Revolution 1917

Significance and Impact of Russian Revolution 1917:

This Russian Revolution of 1917 was an epoch-making event not only for Europe but for the whole world. Historian H.G. Wells calls it the most important event after the rise of Islam. Similarly, Prof. Laski considers it the most important event after the birth of Christ. If we study the principles, scope and expansion of this revolution carefully we find it the most important event in the world. The important consequences of this Revolution are as follows-

  • The Russian Revolution of 1917 put an end to the despotic and reactionary government of the Czar which had continued for the past 300 years.
  • It was the first successful proletariat revolution in the world. Through this revolution, Marxist ideas got recognized for the first time.
  • After this revolution Europe was ideologically divided in the manner it had never become after Reformation.
  • The success of Bolshevik revolution encouraged communist ideas all over the world.
  • Soviet Russia presented an alternative model of development in the form of economic planning and state control. Soviet Russia successfully proved the worth of its system in course of the world economic depression. As the result of the success of Soviet Russia, this model fastly spread to different regions of the world. Even the capitalist economy having been learnt the lesson from the world economic depression adopted some of the features of the socialist economy. So in one sense, the success of the communist revolution in Russia changed the character of even the capitalist system.
  • The most important consequence was the withdrawal of Russia from the War, which forced her to sign the humiliating treaty of Brest-Litovsk. But it gave Russia time to attend to the work of reconstruction. The Russian leaders were of the opinion that the internal condition of the country could be improved only if she kept away from the war. It was also necessary to put Lenin’s policy into practice. The direct outcome of this was that pressure mounted on the Allied Powers.
  • The Foundation of the Communist system in Russia prepared the way for the process of decolonization as well. In fact, it gave an alternative ideology to the people of colonies to carry their liberation movement.
  • In course of time, the whole world got divided on the basis of ideology. So the foundation of a communist government in Russia prepared the way for Cold War politics in future.

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