Summoned- Synonyms, Antonyms, and Sentences

Synonyms and Antonyms For Summoned:

Summoned Meaning- Refers to the action of being called or requested to appear.

Summoned Definition- The term “summoned” is typically defined as the action of officially calling, requesting, or demanding someone to appear, attend, or perform a specific task or duty. It involves issuing a summons or a formal notification to notify the individual of their required presence or action.

Synonyms For Summoned:
Antonyms For Summoned:
Summoned Sentence Examples:

The magistrate summoned police officers over ‘nuisance’ by religious gatherings.

The teacher summoned the students to gather their belongings and line up.

Andrew was summoned before CBI as a witness in an alleged insurance scam during his stint as governor.

The king summoned his advisors to a council to discuss the kingdom’s affairs.

The high court summoned two TV channels in connection to a False documentary.

he emergency alarm summoned the firefighters to the scene of the fire.

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