Solidarity- Synonyms, Antonyms, and Sentences

Synonyms and Antonyms For Solidarity:

Solidarity Meaning- Unity and complete agreement.

Solidarity Definition- Solidarity is a term that refers to unity, cooperation, and mutual support among individuals, groups, or communities in pursuit of common goals or interests. It represents a sense of shared responsibility, empathy, and identification with others.

Synonyms For Solidarity:
Antonyms For Solidarity:
Solidarity Sentence Examples:

Self-reliance and solidarity as the twin track to humanity’s future survival, stability, and sustainable development.

The team displayed solidarity by working collaboratively and supporting each other’s efforts to achieve the common goal.

Members of women’s organizations and civil societies held a protest march to show solidarity with the wrestlers who have been agitating against the president of WFI, who faces charges of mental harassment.

The students organized a solidarity march to raise awareness about social injustice and promote equality.

Empathy, a sense of compassion, and efforts aimed at achieving social solidarity to combat Covid-19.

The union members showed solidarity by standing in unity and voicing their concerns during negotiations with the management.

International Human Solidarity Day reiterates the importance of solidarity in removing poverty.

The international community expressed solidarity with the victims of the terrorist attack, condemning the act of violence.

The mood of the place was palpably heartfelt as more than 100 citizens, holding placards, gathered in solidarity to demand justice for woman harassment.

The community showed great solidarity in coming together to support the victims of the natural disaster.

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