Dogma- Synonyms, Antonyms, and Sentences

Synonyms and Antonyms For Dogma:

Dogma Meaning- Refers to a set of principles or beliefs that are considered to be true or authoritative without question or doubt.

Dogma Definition- The term “dogma” refers to a principle, doctrine, or belief system that is held as an unquestionable truth, typically within a religious, philosophical, or ideological context. Dogmas are often presented as authoritative and binding, demanding acceptance without doubt or skepticism.

Synonyms For Dogma:
Antonyms For Dogma:
Dogma Sentence Examples:

According to the dogma of capitalism, free market competition leads to economic growth and prosperity.

It’s a victory of constitutional principles over religious dogmas that have long been used as a tool to suppress and subjugate women, who constitute half of humanity.

The dogma of gender roles has long dictated that men should be the breadwinners while women should focus on nurturing and homemaking.

The bravery of the women holds lessons for everyone that dogma and theocracy will always oppose rights, and the fight against patriarchy will be arduous.

The dogma of free speech upholds the principle that individuals have the right to express their opinions and ideas without censorship or punishment.

The old dogma of valuing ‘literary’ books even if they are bone-crushingly boring and scandalously pretentious has been replaced by the new dogma of celebrating fluffy brain-dimmers that give genuinely entertaining non-literary fiction a bad name.

The scientific dogma of evolution asserts that all species have descended from a common ancestor through a process of natural selection.

Priestly celibacy in the Roman Catholic Church, while not an unchangeable dogma, is a tradition going back more than 1,000 years. 

According to the dogma of communism, the means of production should be owned and controlled by the working class.

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