Thrive- Synonyms, Antonyms, and Sentences

Synonyms and Antonyms For Thrive:

Thrive Meaning- To grow, develop, or flourish in a vigorous or successful way.

Thrive Definition- The term “thrive” refers to the act or state of flourishing, prospering, or succeeding in a dynamic and vigorous manner. It signifies not just mere survival, but rather a thriving existence marked by growth, vitality, and overall well-being.

Synonyms For Thrive:
Antonyms For Thrive:
Thrive Sentence Examples:

Despite the challenging economy, our business continues to thrive and grow.

Though the travel and tourism sector is most impacted by the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, it will thrive again in the post-vaccine era.

Through hard work and dedication, he was able to thrive in his chosen profession and achieve great success.

Unlock your potential to learn essential skills to grow and thrive in life.

Education is the key to helping children thrive academically and emotionally.

The community center provides a nurturing environment for children to thrive and reach their full potential.

To survive and thrive, we need to adapt as the climate changes and also limit the amount of warming by reducing greenhouse gases.

The organization’s mission is to create an inclusive society where all individuals can thrive regardless of their backgrounds.

Native alpine plants wither and alien species thrive under climate change.

The newly implemented policies have created a favorable business environment, allowing small businesses to thrive and flourish.

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