Aurobindo View on Education of the Mind

Aurobindo View on Education of the Mind:

To Sri Aurobindo, the mind is the sixth sense. It must be perfectly trained to the highest possible limit, otherwise, the education of the child will remain incomplete and one-sided. Our minds should be reformed first before reforming the world. Education should aim at building the power of the mind. The utilization of the supermind for the development of an integrated human personality is the true aim of education according to Sri Aurobindo.

Sri Aurobindo believes that there are three minds-

  • The individual mind.
  • The mind of a nation.
  • The universal mind.

He pleaded for their education. The building of the power of mind and spirit has been considered as the central aim of education by Sri Aurobindo. It is the task of the teacher to understand the human mind at all the stages of human development viz. infancy, childhood, adolescence and adulthood. There are two qualities of mind according to Sri Aurobindo-

Well-Disciplined Mind- It is a well-structured mind. It is equipped with basic tools of thought and communication. It is trained powerfully and precisely to observe accurately and discriminately, to think clearly, to criticize rationally and to remain well informed.

Individualized Mind- It is a well-textured mind. It is lively mind, mind in ferment. It is curious, creative, critical and imaginative. It possesses characteristics of uniqueness and originality.

A person who possesses a well-disciplined and individualized mind is a complete man, a whole man and an integrated man. He does not follow impulsive cravings. He rises above ego and develops love, wisdom and universality. He develops through spirituality, creativity and intellectualism. Sri Aurobindo states that it is a vital part of our education so as to make the mind creative, observant and discriminative. Mind functions through environmental stimulus. It is self-active also. It is through the medium of education that the mind unfolds personality and establishes the right relationships. Education of the mind can develop the mind to supermind.

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