Difference Between Bone and Cartilage

Difference Between Bone and Cartilage:

Following are the points of difference between Bone and Cartilage-

It is rigid, hard, strong and inelastic.It is comparatively soft, elastic and flexible.
The matrix contains the protein ossein.The matrix contains the protein chondrin.
Matrix is highly mineralised. The most common mineral is hydroxyapatite.Mineralisation is absent except in calcified cartilage.
The ground substance of the matrix is impermeable. Diffusion occurs through lacunae and canaliculi which are interconnected.Matrix is permeable to nutrients, waste products and gases.
Each lacuna has only one bone cell.Each lacuna has 2-3 cartilage cells.
The matrix is arranged in the concentric lamella.Matrix occurs in homogenous mass and lamella are absent.
The matrix has a network of blood vessels.The matrix lacks blood vessels.
Bone cells are osteoblasts and osteocytes that give protoplasmic processes. They never exist in groups.Cartilage cells are chondroblasts that do not have protoplasmic processes. They exist in groups of 2 or 4.
Haversian and Volkmann’s canals are present.Haversian and Volkmann’s canals are absent.
Growth in thickness is through apposition only.Growth in thickness is appositional and interstitial.
Appositional growth is bidirectional, both from outside and from inside.Appositional growth is only from outside.
It bears a bone marrow cavity where blood cells are formed.The bone marrow cavity is absent as it is always solid.
Bone is surrounded by a thick fibrous layer called the periosteum containing osteoblasts.Cartilage is surrounded by a thick fibrous layer called perichondrium containing blood vessels and no chondroblasts.
It forms the endoskeleton of the body.It is present in the delicate part of the body such as nose, trachea, pina etc.

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