Difference Between Stomata and Hydathodes

Stomata and Hydathodes:

The following are the points of difference between Stomata and Hydathodes-

Found in the epidermis of leaves, young stems, perianth and fruits.Present on the tips and margins of the leaves at the vein ends.
These are surrounded by pairs of chlorophyllous guard cells.They are surrounded by a ring of cuticularized achlorophyllous cells.
Guard cells are either kidney-shaped or dumbbell-shaped.Hydathode guard cells are oval barrel-shaped in outline.
Guard cells show turgor movements.Turgor movements are absent.
They are subtended by a substomatal cavity.They are subtended by a mass of loosely arranged cells.
The stomata are surrounded by subsidiary epidermal cells.Subsidiary cells are absent.
Stomata lead internally into an air cavity.An air cavity is absent.
They do not have any correspondence to vein endings.They occur over vein endings.
Their opening and closing are regulated by guard cells.They always remain open.
An epithem is absent.An epithem is present.
They pass out water vapours.They pass out liquid water.
They are concerned with transpiration.They are concerned with guttation.

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