Why were the Extremists more popular than the Moderates?

Extremists more popular than the Moderates:

The following were the major factors that made the Extremists more popular than the Moderates-

(1) The Moderates were all praise for the western culture. They had a slavish attitude. So they could not gain popularity. The Extremists gained popularity since they were against western culture, glorifying their own past and noble culture.

(2) The Moderates believed in constitutional and peaceful methods. Hence they were never persecuted. The Extremists gained popularity since they preferred the use of force and revolutionary methods of struggle and sacrifice to gain freedom. The people sympathized with them because they suffered torture at the hands of the British government.

(3) The people did not approve of the policies of the moderates in sending petitions and ineffective memoranda to the British government. The Extremist leaders were praised since they were bold, fearless and critical. They had an anti-government attitude and were ready to fight against her tooth and nail to overthrow her.

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