Mention any four ways in which the knowledge of biology is useful in agriculture

Knowledge of Biology is useful in Agriculture:

Biology deals with the study of living things- plants and animals. It has two divisions- Botany (the study of plants) and Zoology (the study of animals). The knowledge of biology is useful in agriculture in the following ways-

  • It helps us to know various life activities going on in the living organisms and thus, establish their main characteristics for the benefit of human race.
  • It help us to know the relationship of living beings with the environments or external conditions in which they can live. By this one can know the type of environment required for the suitable growth of particular type of plant.
  • It helps us to know about the type of diseases from which the living beings can suffer and thus find out the remedial measures. We can know about the causes of decay of crops and domestic animals.
  • It help us to develop new species by the process of hybridization and artificial insemination.

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