Merits and Demerits of Nuclear Energy

Merits and Demerits of Nuclear Energy:

Merits of Nuclear Energy:

(1) Very large energy is released (in less time) on the consumption of a comparatively very small amount of fuel.

(2) Power production is more economical and easy to manage than others.

(3) Radioisotopes are useful in the medical field for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer (Example- Thyroid cancer).

(4) High energetic particles (γ-rays) are used to preserve food.

(5) Together with power generation, a reactor can also be used to produce some useful fuels.

(6) As there is no combustion of oxygen during nuclear reactions, it is free from smoke.

(7) Useful in the research field. Example- a study of structural changes in molecules, a study of nuclear forces.

Demerits of Nuclear Energy:

(1) Fuel required is very expensive and in India is not available in large quantities.

(2) If the reaction is uncontrolled, then it may be very destructive.

(3) Radiations may result in burning skin and deadly diseases.

(4) Radioactive waste is most of the time could be harmful to human life.

(5) Hydrogen bomb which is based on the fission-fusion-fission technique, could destroy every form of life on this planet in the position it bursts.

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