Difference Between Order of Reaction and Molecularity of Reaction

Order of Reaction and Molecularity of Reaction:

The following are the points of difference between the order of reaction and molecularity of reaction.

Order of ReactionMolecularity of Reaction
It is the number of reacting molecules whose concentration actually changes during the reaction.It is the number of reacting species as indicated by the balanced chemical equation.
Order of reaction is an experimental parameter.Molecularity of a reaction is an assigned parameter.
Order of any reaction is obtained from the experimental data.Molecularity is obtained from the stoichiometric equation.
It has factorial values in addition to zero also.It has whole number values only i.e., 1, 2, 3, 4……
It is used to study the mechanism of the reaction.It does not convey anything about the mechanism of the reaction.
It is the overall order of reaction and not of the separate step used to determine the order of the complex reaction.The overall molecularity of a complex reaction has no significance.

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