Top 4 Best-Proven PDF Document Converters for Free

Top 4 Best-Proven PDF Document Converters for Free:

When you need to make conversions to and from Adobe PDF (Portable Document Format) files, you should stick with the best PDF converter. However, finding the best PDF file converter source seems a challenging task. Thus, for this tool selection assistance, we have shortlisted a few best PDF converters that allow you to import and export PDF files without any disruption. 

These are the tips that you have to keep in mind while choosing the best PDF conversion program:

If you people are new to PDF file transformation too, you ought to make sure that what a great PDF converter program should process. 

  • Get a converter that lets you proceed with a wide array of formats including MS documents, eBooks, etc
  • Choice for the tools that do not distort the results after conversions.
  • Packed with an OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology that will assist to make scanned images editable (actionable)
  • Platform independent, this means users can proceed with conversions on Windows, macOS, Linux, and on all devices

These parameters are packed within itsPDF online web-based program that lets you deal with PDF file conversions with free PDF converters. 

Best-Proven PDF Document Converters:

There are innumerable conversion tools available around the internet and even each of them has its own capabilities and features. In this informative context, we are going to introduce the best picks that let you make PDF document transformations without any hassle. 

EaseUS PDF Converter:

It is indicated as one of the best PDF converter sources that let you process document conversions swiftly. This full-fledged version lets you proceed with a wide array of frequently-used formats including PNG, TXT, JPG, and more. Use this program to convert PDF to pictures or even users could create PDF files from existing documents and other compatible formats for free. For instance, you can turn your Word doc into PDF with this PDF tool, this means you don’t have to worry about if your recipients will change the information of your MS Word document.

Additionally, Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint documents can serve as full-fledged source files for the transformation. Remember that when it comes to converting these formats into PDF format, this tool ensures that the original formatting is preserved. 


  • Lets you make PDF transformations to other compatible formats.
  • Start conversion to and or from PDF files simultaneously.
  • No quality distraction after conversions.
  • Easy to navigate UI for swift workflow.


  • Complicated file processing consumes time.

Adobe Acrobat PDF Converter:

Adobe Acrobat PDF Converter is another full-fledged and easy-to-process tool for converting PDF files. This program allows you to deal with almost any PDF-related tasks without any huge manual intervention. With this free assistance, you can easily transform PDF to or from different other compatible files such as convert PRN to PDF, JPG to PDF, VCE to PDF, PDF to PDF/A, and more. 

The most appealing parameter about this PDF tool is that it retains the original formatting while making conversions for scanned images along with the essential adjustments. It is indicated as the most inexpensive and affordable PDF conversion tool that is loaded with different considerable features. 


  • Support swift conversions for PDF documents.
  • Users can make certain changes to the converted PDF files.
  • Support transformation of PDF to Word, JPG, Excel, and more.
  • Affordable program.


  • Bit complicated UI.


Get this online PDF converter that is loaded with different tools to make to or from Adobe PDF document conversions. The great thing is that this online web-dependent program lets you process real-time conversions without compromising the quality and formatting of the converted files. In addition to that, no signup or registration processes take place while making conversions for any file formats. 

You can convert Word to pdf, jpg to pdf, png to pdf, pdf to Word, pdf to jpg, and different other conversions. No matter whether you want to convert files to or from PDF documents, all the file transformation is 100% free. Also, you can merge, split, compress, and do much more with your existing PDF files without any huge intervention. 


  • 100% free source for PDF document conversions.
  • Cross-platform supported.
  • No huge manual intervention indulges for converting files.
  • Straight-forward and clear interface.


  • Consume time to deal with large PDF documents.

Soda PDF:

As the name reveals that this platform mainly functions to deal with different PDF tasks for user convenience. It is packed with unique features and is also said to be the comparatively affordable alternative to Adobe Acrobat. Just a couple of clicks indulges for creating PDF files from any compatible format. Besides that, it also allows you to convert PDF documents again back into the specified file types such as Word, Excel, and more. 

Moreover, with this best PDF converter, you can protect the sensitive information packed in PDF with its PDF-protecting tool.


  • Users can easily collect and share legally binding e-signature.
  • Support a wide array of to and from PDF file conversions.
  • Free functionality for reading PDF documents along with simulated page flipping options.
  • Users can make protection for sensitive files.


  • Bit slow in execution.

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