CR Formula or Rajaji Formula 1944

Rajaji Formula 1944:

C. Rajagopalachari an important Congress leader devised a formula in March 1944, in his personal capacity, to hold talks with Jinnah on his demand for Pakistan and to solve the communal issues. He had the blessings of Gandhi, but the cooperation of the Muslim League was needed for the success of his formula. Under this Formula-

(1) The Muslim League endorses the Indian demand for independence and cooperation with the Congress in the formation of the Provisional Interim Government for the transitional period.

(2) After the termination of the Second World War, a Commission shall be appointed for demarcating contiguous districts in the North-West and East of India where the Muslim population is in absolute majority. In the areas thus demarcated, a plebiscite of all the inhabitants, held on the basis of adult suffrage or any other form of practical franchise, shall ultimately decide the issue of separation from the Indian Union. If the majority decide in favour of forming a separate and sovereign state, such a decision shall be given effect to without prejudice to the right of the border areas to choose between either side.

(3) It will be open to all the parties to advocate their points of view before the plebiscite is held.

(4) In the event of separation, the mutual agreement shall be entered into for jointly safeguarding certain common services like defence, communication, and commerce.

(5) Any transfer of population shall only be on an absolutely voluntary basis.

(6) Implementation of the whole scheme only after the transfer of power by the British.

Jinnah turned down Rajagopalachari’s proposal as offering a “mutilated and moth-eaten Pakistan”; but he agreed to discuss the issue with Gandhi, leading to the Gandhi-Jinnah Talks.

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