Current Loop as Magnetic Dipole

Current Loop as Magnetic Dipole:

Consider a plane loop of wire carrying current. Looking at the upper face, the current is anti-clockwise. Therefore, the upper face will become N-pole. Looking at the lower face of the loop, the current is clockwise. Therefore, the lower face will become the South pole. Hence the current-carrying loop behaves as a magnetic dipole.

Current Loop as Magnetic Dipole Diagram - Current Loop as Magnetic Dipole

The magnetic dipole moment (M) of the current loop is directly proportional to-

  • Strength of current (I) through the loop.
  • Area (A) is enclosed by the loop.
i.e. M ∝ I and M ∝ A
Combine these two factors
M ∝ IA
⇒ M = KIA
In S.I. Units, K = 1
⇒ M = IA
If the current loop has N turns, then
⇒ M = NIA
The S.I. Unit of M is Ampere-metre2. One Ampere-metre2 is the magnetic moment of one turn loop of area one square metre carrying a current of one ampere.
Current Loop as Magnetic Dipole in Vector Form - Current Loop as Magnetic Dipole

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