Distinguish Between Nuclear Fission and Fusion

Distinguish Between Nuclear Fission and Fusion:

Following are the points of difference between nuclear fission and fusion.

Nuclear FissionNuclear Fusion
A heavy nucleus is split into two lighter nuclei.Two lighter nuclei combine to form a heavy nucleus.
Neutrons are the links.Protons are the links.
Possible at room temperature also.Not possible at room temperature (very high temperature is required).
Energy per fission is 200 MeV.Energy per fusion is 27 MeV.
Energy per nucleon is 0.85 MeV.Energy per nucleon is 6.75 MeV.
Controlled fission is used in a nuclear reactor.Controlled fusion is not yet possible.
Uncontrolled fission in Nuclear Bomb.Uncontrolled fusion in Hydrogen Bomb.

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