Distinguish Between Cyclotron and Betatron

Distinguish Between Cyclotron and Betatron:

The following are the points of difference between Cyclotron and Betatron.

Cyclotron consists of two hollow, semicircular, flat metal dee’s.Betatron consists of a doughnut vacuum chamber made up of glass.
Positive ions are accelerated up to energies of 80 MeV.Electrons are accelerated up to energies of 300 MeV.
Ions are accelerated as long as the resonance condition is maintained.Electrons are accelerated as long as the betatron condition is maintained.
Ions are accelerated at the peak of each half cycle.Electrons are accelerated only during the 1st quarter of each cycle.
Ions are accelerated in a circular orbit of an ever-increasing radius.Electrons are accelerated in an orbit of a fixed radius.
It uses a uniform magnetic field.It uses expanding magnetic field.
Accelerated ions are used to study nuclear reactions.Accelerated electrons are used to produce hard X-rays.

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