Difference Between South-west and Retreating Monsoon

Difference Between South-west and Retreating Monsoon:

The following are the points of difference Between South-west and Retreating Monsoon.

South-west MonsoonRetreating Monsoon
The period from June to September is the season of the South-west Monsoon.The period from October to November is the period of Retreating Monsoon.
It is the season of rain-bearing winds advancing towards the whole of India.It is the period of transition between the rainy season and the North-east Monsoon season.
The Monsoon winds blow from sea to land. Hence they are moisture-laden and cause widespread rainfall all over India.These Monsoon winds blow from land to sea. Hence they are dry. They do not cause rains over most parts of the country except east coastal India and the Tamil Nadu coasts.
75% to 90% of the annual rainfall occurs during the period of these Monsoon winds.Less than 5% of the annual rainfall occurs during this period.
The two branches of the South-west Monsoon- the Arabian Sea branch and the Bay of Bengal branch cause rainfall all over India.Retreating Monsoon winds after passing over the Bay of Bengal create cyclones and they cause rains on the Eastern coasts. Sometimes are very destructive.
It is the pleasant season of rains, cool winds and greenery everywhere.It is the period of ‘October Heat’ due to high temperature and humidity in the air and on the surface.

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