Difference Between Transpiration and Guttation

Transpiration and Guttation:

The following are the points of difference between Transpiration and Guttation-

Transpiration occurs mostly during the day when the temperature is comparatively higher.Guttation occurs during the cold hours of the night and early morning.
Transpiration occurs through stomata, lenticels and cuticles.Guttation occurs through hydathodes.
It is a loss of water from aerial parts of the plant.It is a loss of water only from leaf edges.
Water is lost in the vapour form.Water is lost in liquid form.
It is pure water.It is a dilute solution of inorganic and organic solutes.
Transpiration occurs in all plants.Guttation is found in only some plants.
Transpiration is found in all seasons.Guttation is found only during wet periods.
It occurs through all aerial plant parts.It occurs at vein-edges on the margin or tips of the leaves where hydathodes are present.
It produces a negative pressure in xylem sap.It occurs when xylem sap is under positive pressure.
Excessive transpiration under a deficit water supply can cause wilting.It does not take place under a deficit water supply and never results in wilting.
It does not stop under unfavourable conditions like water or mineral deficiency.It stops under conditions of water and mineral deficiency.

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