Install MySQL on Windows

What is SQL?

  • SQL stands for Structured Query Language.
  • It is used to communicate with a database.
  • According to American National Standards Institute (ANSI), it is the standard language for relational database management systems.

Install MySQL on Windows:

(1) Go to your web browser and type in the search bar MySQL as shown below.

Search MySQL on Browser

(2) Now press hit enter, and you will see the MySQL official website page link. Now click on MySQL as shown below.

mysql official website

(3) After that click on the DOWNLOADS tab and go to the bottom and click on MySQL Community (GPL) Downloads as shown below.

MySQL Download Tab
MySQL Community (GPL) Downloads

(4) Now under MySQL Community Downloads, click on MySQL Installer for Windows.

MySQL Installer for Windows

(5) Now download MySQL Installer as shown below. Note- always install the latest version.

Download MySQL Installer

(6) Click on “No thanks, just start my download” as shown below.

MYSQL installer downloaded

(7) Now go to the folder where it is downloaded and click on it and press yes.

press yest to install mysql

(8) After that MySQL Installer Opens and chooses a setup type according to your need. In this example, I can use the custom option and then click on next.

select custom option for mysql installer

(9) Now expand MySQL Servers and Applications. In each section select the latest version which is provided at the top and then press next as shown below.

Select custom mysql products

(10) After that click on Execute as shown below.

mysql installer check requirements

(11) After pressing Execute, installation started as shown below.

install microsoft visual c++

(12) When the installation is complete, then press Next as shown below.

mysql installation complete

(13) Now click on Execute to install products and then click Next and again click on Next as shown below.

Download mysql product
mysql product installed
ready to configure mysql

(14) In Type and Networking, remain it as default and then press Next.

mysql type and networking

(15) In the Authentication method, select Use Strong Password and then press Next.

mysql authentication method

(16) Now set the password in the MySQL Root Password tab and then press Next.

my sql account and roles

(17) In Window Service, remain it as default and then press Next.

mysql window service

(18) Select Server File Permissions, according to your need, and then press Next.

Mysql Server File Permissions

(19) Now click on Execute to Apply Configuration and then press Finish.

Apply Configuration Mysql
mysql steps finish

(20) Configuration Complete and press Next.

mysql configuration complete

(21) Now click Finish.

mysql installation complete

(22) Now the MySQL Shell and MySQL Workbench started.

MySQL Shell and MySQL Workbench

(23) Now click on Local instance MySQL80 and then enter a password and press ok for the connection.

Local instance MySQL80

(24) Now it connected successfully.

mysql connection successful

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