JKPSC KAS Mains 2022 Sociology Paper 2

JKPSC KAS Mains 2022 Sociology Paper 2:


Please read each of the following instructions carefully before attempting the paper.

(i) There are eight questions divided in two Sections and printed in English. Candidate has to attempt Five questions in All. Questions No. 1 and 5 are compulsory and out of the remaining, any Three are to be attempted choosing at least One question from each Section. The number of marks carried by a Question/Part is indicated against it. Answers must be written in English in Question-Cum-Answer (QCA) Booklet in the space provided.

(ii) Your answer should be precise and coherent.

(iii) If you encounter any typographical error, please read it as it appears in the text book.

(iv) Candidates are in their own interest advised to go through the general instructions on the back side of the title page of the Answer Script for strict adherence.

(v) No continuation sheets shall be provided to any candidate under any circumstances.

(vi) No blank page be left in between answer to various questions.


1. Answer the following questions in about 150 words each. (5 x 10 = 50)

(a) Jajmani system has been a paradoxical economic relationship consisting of both exploitative and protective elements, Discuss. (10)

(b) Illustrate G. S. Ghurye’s idea on Sadhus. (10)

(c) Critically analyze M. N. Srinivas’ idea of sanskritization and westernization. (10)

(d) Darsan, seeing the deity is the high point of Hindu rituals, Illustrate. (10)

(e) What is Bongaism? (10)

2. (a) What is the significance of Dormitories in primitive societies? (20)

(b) What is classificatory and descriptive systems of kinship terms? (15)

(c) Critically discuss caste among Muslims in India. (15)

3. (a) Food constitutes a critical element in the ritual idiom of purity and pollution. Discuss with suitable examples. (20)

(b) Discuss backward class movements in India with suitable examples. (15)

(c) What is Little and Great Traditions? Discuss with the examples from Indian studies.

4. (a) Indian villages are changing in respect of economic institutions, power structures and inter-caste relationships. Discuss with suitable examples. (20)

(b) Critically discuss the family in the east and the west. (15)

(c) Critically discuss social impact of early industrialization in India. (15)


5. Answer the following in about 150 words each: (10 x 5 = 50)

(a) What is Polygamy? (10)

(b) Discuss the concept of leisure in present day situation. (10)

(c) What is Bombay plan? (10)

(d) What is Perinatal mortality rate? (10)

(e) Sociological narrative on increasing child abuse in India. (10)

6. (a) “Jati is a breeding unit as well as unit of social reproduction”, Illustrate. (20)

(b) Green revolution has created new rural power elite. Discuss and elaborate your answer. (15)

(c) What is Appiko movement? Discuss (15)

7. (a) Critically discuss the issue of displacement of Tribes in India. (20)

(b) Critically analyze the role of caste in Indian democracy and its implications on electoral politics. (15)

(c) Covid 19 crisis impacted domestic workers the most. Discuss with reasoned arguments and examples. (15)

8. (a) Women do not identify tormentors at workplace easily even today, the POSH Act notwithstanding. Explain with examples. (20)

(b) Is it true that persistent poverty undermines educational mobility in India? Illustrate with examples. (15)

(c) What are the socio-economic implications of digital education in India? Elaborate your answer. (15)

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