MySQL Aggregate Functions

MySQL Aggregate Functions:

MySQL has many built-in functions that you can use in SQL statements for performing calculations on combinations of values in databases; these are called aggregate functions. They include such types of basic statistical analysis as counting rows, determining the average of a given column’s value, finding the maximum and minimum value, and so forth.

Sample Table:

MySQL Aggregate Functions Sample Table

(1) COUNT( )- Returns the number of rows in a database table.

MySQL COUNT Function

(2) SUM( )- Returns the total sum of a numeric column.

MySQL SUM Function

(3) AVG( )- Calculates the average of a set of values.

MySQL AVG Function

(4) MIN( )- Returns the lowest value (minimum) in a set of non-NULL values.

MySQL MIN Function

(5) MAX( )- Returns the greatest value (maximum) in a set of non-NULL values.

MySQL MAX Function

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