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Civil Services Prelims Exam 2018- Polity

One line Pointers (Civil Services Prelims Exam 2018)     1:- If the president of India exercise his power as provided under article 356 of the constitutional in respect of a particular state, then (a) The assemble of the state is automatically dissolved. (b) The powers of the legislature of that state shall be exercisable by

One-line Pointer From CDS(II) 2018 Exam

Solved CDS(II) 2018 Exam 1:- The Harappan Site at Kot Diji is close to which one of the following major sites of that civilization? (a) Harappa (b) Mohenjo-daro (c) Lothal (d) Kalibangan Ans:- Mohenjo-daro. 2:- The story Gandatindu Jataka was written in which language? (a) Sanskrit (b) Telugu (c) Tamil (d) Pali Ans:- Pali. 3:-

CISF 2018 EXAM and AC 2017 EXAM.

·              Which one of the following is the largest component of the soil system ? (a) Living organisms (b) Mineral matters (c) Soil solution (d) Soil organic matter – Mineral matters.   ·     Kingdom Monera includes (a) Euglenoids and Protozoans (b) Archaebacteria and Eubacteria (c) Fungi and Phycomycetes (d) Basidiomycetes and Deuteromycetes