Gk Compilation form JKPSC KAS Exam 2018

Gk Compilation form JKPSC KAS Exam 2018:

1. Which of the following combination of districts constitutes Chenab Valley Settlement Division of the “Survey and Land Records”:
(A) Kishtwar, Anantnag and Kulgam
(B) Ramban, Udhampur and Doda
(C) Doda, Kishtwar and Ramban
(D) Kishtwar, Anantnag and Doda

Ans: Doda, Kishtwar and Ramban (C)

2. Which of the following is the high altitude Commercial Airport
(A) Kushok Bakyla
(B) Sheikh ul Alam
(C) Kargil
(D) Sonam Wangchuk

Ans: Kushok Bakyla (A)

3. Which is the largest cold desert of the world?
(A) Atacama
(B) Takla Makan
(C) Gobi
(D) Turkestan

Ans: Takla Makan (B)

4. The multipurpose river valley project completed in India is
(A) Periyar
(B) Bhakra – Nangal
(C) Hirakund
(D) Damodar

Ans: Damodar (D)

5. Minto-Morley reforms of 1909 proposed
(A) Elections of Indians to various Legislative Councils
(B) Introduced the system of Municipalities and Village Panchayats
(C) Both (a) and (b)
(D) None of the above

Ans: Elections of Indians to various Legislative Councils (A)

6. Indian Statutory Commission was also known as
(A) Cripps Mission
(B) Simon Commission
(C) Minto-Morley Reforms
(D) Montague-Chelmsford reforms

Ans: Simon Commission (B)

7. The second largest employment provider in India is
(A) Agriculture, mining and quarrying
(B) Manufacturing
(C) Real estate and construction
(D) Information technology and related services

Ans: Real estate and construction (C)

8. Which planet experiences a day almost of the same duration as that of the Earth?
(A) Mars
(B) Saturn
(C) Venus
(D) Jupiter

Ans: Mars (A)

9. The region lying between Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn is called
(A) Torrid zone
(B) Horse latitudes
(C) Subtropical zone
(D) All of the above

Ans: Torrid zone (A)

10. Which of the following is/are the correct statement statements in case of a sea level rise due to global warming
(A) There will be an increase in bicarbonate content of well water in coastal areas
(B) There will be an increase in sodium content of well water in coastal areas
(C) There will be an increase in potassium content of well water in coastal areas
(D) There will be an increase in nitrate content of well water in coastal areas

Ans: There will be an increase in sodium content of well water in coastal areas (B)

11. In Himalayas, permanent vegetation is not generally found above ______ m altitude
(A) 4250
(B) 4350
(C) 4600
(D) 3960

Ans: 4600 (C)

12. Blue Baby Syndrome is associated with which type of poisoning?
(A) Mercury
(B) Nitrate
(C) Cadmium
(D) Methane

Ans: Nitrate (B)

13. Out of following, which of the altitudes in the atmosphere would have the maximum concentration of Ozone?
(A) 5 to 10 km
(B) 10 to 15 km
(C) 25 to 30 km
(D) 40 to 45 km

Ans: 25 to 30 km (C)

14. Indian Reform Association was founded by
(A) Keshab Chandra Sen
(B) Ramanand Sinha
(C) Atmaram Sen
(D) Lala Lajpat Rai

Ans: Keshab Chandra Sen (A)

15. With reference to legislative procedure in India, consider the following statements about ‘Zero Hour’ :

(1) Zero Hour is the time gap between the end of Question Hour and the beginning of the regular business of the House. 

(2) The time immediately before the beginning of Question Hour is called as Zero Hour.

(3) Matters of urgent importance , as agreed by the Chair, are taken up during Zero Hour.

Which of the statment[s] given above is/are correct?
(A) 1 only
(B) 2 only
(C) 1 and 3
(D) 2 and 3

Ans: 1 and 3 (C)

16. Col. H. S. Olcott was associated with
(A) Theosophical Society
(B) Home Rule League
(C) Brahmo Samaj
(D) Servants of India Society

Ans: Theosophical Society (A)

17. With reference to legislative procedure in India, consider the following statements : 

(1) The purpose of a Calling Attention notice is to conduct a discussion on a matter of urgent public importance.

(2) Answers to Starred Questions are given in written form by the Ministers.

(3) Clause-by-clause discussion and voting on Amendments take place in the Third stage of the passage of a Bill.

Which of the statement[s] given above is/are correct?
(A) 1 and 2
(B) 1 only
(C) 3 only
(D) 2 and 3

Ans: 1 only (B)

18. Consider the following statements :

(1) The Indian Constitution empowers the Supreme Court to issue Writs for enforcement of any of the Fundamental Rights conferred by Part III of the Indian Constitution under Art. 32.

(2) The provision to issue Writes is primarily inteded to guarantee the Right to Constitutional Remedies to every citizen.

(3) There are six types of Writs.

Which of the statement[s] given above is/are correct?
(A) 1 only
(B) 2 only
(C) Both 1 and 2
(D) 1, 2 and 3

Ans: Both 1 and 2 (C)

19. The Widow Remarriage Act was passed during the Governor – Generalship of
(A) Lord Dalhousie
(B) Lord Canning
(C) Lord Ripon
(D) Lord Warren Hastings

Ans: Lord Dalhousie (A)

20. The Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act applies to children in the age group of
(A) 5 to 12 years
(B) 6 to 12 years
(C) 6 to 14 years
(D) 6 to 16 years

Ans: 6 to 14 years (C)

21. Which of the following is/are not among the Fundamental Duties of citizens laid down in the Indian Constitution?

(1) To safeguard public property and to abjure violence.

(2) To value and preserve the rich heritage of our composite culture.

(3) To protect and improve the natural environment including forests, lakes, rivers and wildlife, and to have compassion for living creatures.

(4) To aid and assist differently abled persons.

Select the correct answer using the code given below :
(A) 3 only
(B) 4 only
(C) 3 and 4
(D) 1 and 3

Ans: 4 only (B)

22. Capital of the Vijayanagar Empire was :
(A) Hampi
(B) Vijayawada
(C) Badami
(D) Chitradurga

Ans: Hampi (A)

23. The Bharat Net Project, an important component of the Digital India Programme aims at linking the following institutions throughout India
(A) Gram Panchayats
(B) Municipalities
(C) City Corporations
(D) Notified Areas

Ans: Gram Panchayats (A)

24. Goods and Services Tax subsumes
(A) All direct taxes
(B) All indirect taxes
(C) All direct and indirect taxes
(D) Value Added Tax

Ans: All indirect taxes (B)

25. In 2016, Government of India announced demonetisation of high denomination notes. What was the previous year of demonetisation?
(A) 1950
(B) 1946
(C) 1978
(D) 1980

Ans: 1978 (C)

26. Which of the following statements [s] is/are true?

(i) In Stratosphere, Ozone is formed by joining oxygen atom with oxygen molecule in presence of solar radiation.

(ii) The disassociation of oxygen atom in the presence of solar radiation maintains the balance of Ozone in the Stratosphere.

(iii) The maximum concentration of Ozone is around 23 – 25 km from the Earth’s surface.

(iv) The destruction of Stratospheric ozone by green house gases has reduced considerably during last 5 years due to the Montreal Protocol.
(A) i, ii, iii and iv are correct
(B) i, ii and iii are correct
(C) ii and iii are correct
(D) i, iii and iv are correct

Ans: i, ii, iii and iv are correct (A)

27. The Ramsar Convention is about the conservation of which one of the following?
(A) Mountain flora and fauna
(B) Wetlands
(C) Desert Flora and Fauna
(D) Tropical Rain Forests

Ans: Wetlands (B)

28. Acid Rain usually refers to precipitation with pH less than :
(A) 7
(B) 6.5
(C) 5.6
(D) 4

Ans: 5.6 (C)

29. Coal is found in which types of rocks?
(A) Igneous
(B) Sedimentary
(C) Metamorphic
(D) All of the above

Ans: Sedimentary (B)

30. Which of the following was not a disaster related to a nuclear accident?
(A) Fukushima
(B) Chernobyl
(C) Kyshtym
(D) Love Canal

Ans: Love Canal (D)

31. The Allahabad Pillar inscription is associated with
(A) Samudragupta
(B) Chandragupta II
(C) Bimbisara
(D) Chandragupta I

Ans: Samudragupta (A)

32. Ibn Battuta visited India during the reign of
(A) Mohammed bin Tughalaq
(B) Firoz Shah Tughlaq
(C) Ghiyasuddin Tughlaq
(D) Ala-ud-din Khilji

Ans: Mohammed bin Tughalaq (A)

33. Swami Vivekananda participated in the World Religious Conference held at
(A) Balitmore
(B) New York
(C) Chicago
(D) California

Ans: Chicago (C)

34. Panini a famous personality of ancient India was
(A) Astronomer
(B) Mathematician
(C) Grammarian
(D) None of the above

Ans: Grammarian (C)

35. What are the impediments to digital transaction of money in small towns of India?
(A) Requirement of special equipment like Point of Sale [POS]
(B) internet connectivity problem
(C) Costly to users
(D) All the above

Ans: All the above (D)

36. Implicit effective subsidy on a commodity [e.g. LPG] to rich means
(A) Difference between price paid and actual subsidy
(B) Difference between normative rate and acutal subsidy
(C) Subsidy on actual consumption
(D) None of the above

Ans: Difference between normative rate and acutal subsidy (B)

37. ‘More crop per drop’ refers to
(A) Improvement in irrigation efficiency
(B) Use of conventional method of irrigation
(C) Improvement in soil health
(D) Improvement in fertiliser use efficiency

Ans: Improvement in irrigation efficiency (A)

38. Udyog Aadhar is required for registration of
(A) Business under micro, small and medium enterprises
(B) Business under large enterprises
(C) Corporate bodies
(D) Public sector undertakings

Ans: Business under micro, small and medium enterprises (A)

39. Focus of the National Rural Livelihood Mission is to
(A) remove abject poverty or rural households
(B) improve rural literacy
(C) remove gender disparity in education
(D) improve nutrition of children

Ans: remove abject poverty or rural households (A)

40. Which one of the following is the longest river of the Peninsular India?
(A) Narmada
(B) Godavari
(C) Krishna
(D) Mahanadi

Ans: Godavari (B)

41. Which part is the brain of the computer?
(B) Monitor

Ans: CPU (A)

42. Firewall is used in PC for
(A) Security
(B) Authentication
(C) Data transmission
(D) All of the above

Ans: Security (A)

43. Which hormone is produced by ripened fruit?
(A) Auxin
(B) Cytokinin
(C) Ethylene
(D) Abscisic acid

Ans: Ethylene (C)

44. Nag Anti Tank Guided Missiles [ATGM] has been developed by which Indian organization?

Ans: DRDO (A)

45. NASA recently announced a new probe called Parker Probe which will study ..?
(A) Moon
(B) Mars
(C) Jupiter
(D) Sun

Ans: Sun (D)

46. The Sample Registration System of India provides data on
(A) Fertility only
(B) Mortality only
(C) Fertility and Mortality
(D) Fertility , Morbidity and Mortality

Ans: Fertility and Mortality (C)

47. Through which of the following mountain pass, the World’s highest motorable road passes?
(A) Karakoram
(B) Khyber
(C) Nathula
(D) Khardungla

Ans: Khardungla (D)

48. What is the name of the robot (to assist astronauts) that has been sent to the International Space Station (ISS) atop a Space X Falcon 9 rocket

Ans: CIMON (B)

49. The ancient text which Kalhana relied in writing Rajatarangini
(A) Matsyapurana
(B) Khandopanishad
(C) Nilmat Purana
(D) Mahabarata

Ans: Nilmat Purana (C)

50. Yavanapriya was the name used in ancient times for
(A) Muslin
(B) Pepper
(C) Copper
(D) Zinc

Ans: Pepper (B)

51. The capital of the Kakatiya dynasty was
(A) Ongole
(B) Warangal
(C) Tungabhadra
(D) Tirupati

Ans: Warangal (B)

52. When was the Constitution of Jammu and Kashmir adopted and came into effect from
(A) 1956, January 26, 1957
(B) 1956, October 26, 1956
(C) 1957, January 26, 1958
(D) 1956, December 26, 1957

Ans: 1956, January 26, 1957 (A)

53. In the pedogenesis by mixing activities, earthworms improves the _____
(A) Structure
(B) pH balance
(C) Texture
(D) Organic content

Ans: Structure (A)

54. Consider the following statements :

(1) The Writ of Manddamus is issued by the Supreme Court or High court when any public authority has to do a public duty but fails to do so.

(2) The Writ of Prohibition is issued by the quashing the order already passed by an inferior Court, Tribunal or Quasi Judicial Authority.

Which of the statement[s] given above is/are correct?
(A) 1 only
(B) 2 only
(C) Both 1 and 2
(D) Neither 1 nor 2

Ans: Both 1 and 2 (C)

55. The best source of data for the estimation of crude birth rate of India is
(A) National Family Health Survey
(B) Civil Registration System
(C) Sample Registration System
(D) Census of India

Ans: Sample Registration System (C)

56. The longest high altitude glaciers are found in
(A) Alps
(B) Rockies
(C) Andes
(D) Himalayas

Ans: Himalayas (D)

57. Which of the following Indian states receives more rainfall from the winter monsoon than from the summer monsoon?
(A) Bihar
(B) Gujarat
(C) Madhya Pradesh
(D) Tamil Nadu

Ans: Tamil Nadu (D)

58. Newly proposed “Higher education commission of India” will replace

Ans: UGC (D)

59. Which of the following is the major reason for global warming
(A) Rice cultivation in marshy lands
(B) Burning of fossil fuels
(C) Thermal Power Generation
(D) Deforestation and Land Cover

Ans: Burning of fossil fuels (B)

60. Which of the following atmospheric conditions is most favourable for the formation of fog in Delhi
(A) Overcast sky, dry air in winter
(B) Clear sky, dry air in winter
(C) Overcast sky, humid air in spring
(D) Clear sky, humid air in winter

Ans: Clear sky , humid air in winter (D)

61. Right to Information Act in India was enacted in the year?
(A) 2004
(B) 2005
(C) 2008
(D) 2012

Ans: 2005 (B)

62. National Panchayati Raj Day is celebrated annually on?
(A) 26 January
(B) 15 September
(C) 24 April
(D) 2 October

Ans: 24 April (C)

63. Which of the following recommendations is are true regarding Balwant Rai Mehta Committee?

(1) Establishment of three-tier Panchayati Raj system.

(2) All planning and development activities should be entrusted to Panchayati Raj institutions.

(3) Political parties should field candidates in the Panchayati Raj elections.

(4) District Collector should be the Chairman of Zilla Parishad.

Select the correct answer using the code below:
(A) 1, 2 and 3
(B) 1, 2 and 4
(C) 1, 3 and 4
(D) 1, 2, 3 and 4

Ans: 1, 2 and 4 (B)

64. The President has the power to nominate two members to Parliament belonging to
(A) Christian Community
(B) Anglo-Indian Community
(C) Jain Community
(D) Sikh Community

Ans: Anglo-Indian Community (B)

65. Which of the following is the state animal of Jammu and Kashmir?
(A) Chiru
(B) Hangul
(C) Snow leopard
(D) Markhor

Ans: Hangul (B)

66. Who was the author of Padmavat
(A) Abdul Rahim Wasi
(B) Malik-bin-Quazi
(C) Malik Muhammad Jayasi
(D) Surdas

Ans: Malik Muhammad Jayasi (C)

67. The fourth Buddhist Council was held in
(A) Prayag
(B) Dharmasala
(C) Taxila
(D) Kundalvana

Ans: Kundalvana (D)

68. who wrote Ramayana in Tamil?
(A) Ranna
(B) Kamban
(C) Thiruvel Murugan
(D) None of the above

Ans: Kamban (B)

69. During the Mughal Muhtasib was an officer in charge of
(A) Horses
(B) Public morality
(C) Land grants
(D) Royal armoury

Ans: Public morality (B)

70. Delhi Agreement of 1952 was signed between
(A) Dr. Rajendra Prasad and Mirza Afzal Beg
(B) Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel and Maulana in Mohammad Syeed Masoodi
(C) Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and SheikhMohammed Abdullah
(D) Maulana Abul Kalam Azad and Girdhari Lal Dogra

Ans: Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and SheikhMohammed Abdullah (C)

71. What is the quorum to constitute a sitting of the Lok Sabha
(A) 120 Members of the House
(B) One-Tenth of the total number of the House
(C) 132 Members of the House
(D) 130 elected members of the House

Ans: One-Tenth of the total number of the House (B)

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