Comparison of Hydrides of Oxygen and Sulfur

Comparison of Hydrides of Oxygen and Sulfur:

These hydrides have points of similarity as well as difference.

Points of Similarity:

PropertyWater, H2OHydrogen Sulfide, H2S
NatureWater is a covalent compound but has a polar character.Hydrogen sulfide is also a covalent compound having a polar character.
StructureWater is a bent molecule having V-shape.Hydrogen sulfide is also a bent molecule having V-shape.

Points of Differences:

PropertyWater, H2OHydrogen Sulfide, H2S
Physical StateIt is a colourless liquid at room temperature.It is a colourless gas at room temperature.
SmellIt has no smell.It has a smell like that of rotten eggs.
Action of Litmus PaperIt has no action on litmus paper and is neutral.It is acidic in nature and turns blue litmus paper red.
Action of AlkalisIt has no action on alkalis.It reacts with alkalis to form the sulfides.
Action of Metal IonsIt does not react with metal ions.It reacts with metal ions to give coloured precipitates of metal sulfides.
Reducing PropertyWater is not a reducing agent.Hydrogen sulfide is a strong reducing agent.
Action of Lead Acetate SolutionIt remains unaffected in water.The solution turns black.

Water is a liquid at room temperature while hydrogen sulfide is a gas at room temperature. The reason is that water molecules are associated with hydrogen bonding. The high electronegativity of oxygen and its small size makes the water more polar than hydrogen sulfide. This results in a close approach of water molecules through hydrogen bonding.

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