Difference Between Nervous and Endocrine System

Nervous and Endocrine System:

The following are the points of difference between the nervous and endocrine system.

CharacterNervous SystemEndocrine System
Structural and Functional UnitNeurons or nerve cells.Endocrine glands.
SignalsIn the form of electric impulses generated by an action potential.In the form of hormones produced by endocrine glands.
Nature of ControlElectrical.Chemical.
TransmissionNerve fibres transmit the nerve impulses.Blood transports hormones to various body organs.
Speed of ActionRapid, needs only a fraction of a second.Slow.
ResponseBrief.Prolonged, can extend over many days.
SpecificityImpulses travel in a specific direction through specific nerve fibres to a specific organ.Hormones are distributed throughout the body but only target organs respond to the hormone.
StimuliStimuli are received by sense organs from external and internal stimuli.Secretion of hormones is controlled by feedback inhibition.
endocrine glands in human beings male and female - Difference Between Nervous and Endocrine System

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