Disorders Caused by Addiction to Narcotic Drugs

Disorders Caused by Addiction to Narcotic Drugs:

The harmful drugs which cause an insensible condition in a man are called narcotic drugs or psychotropic drugs. The most frequently used narcotic drugs are- Morphine, Heroin, Opium, Cocaine, Marijuana, Ganja, Hashish, LSD (Ly-Sergic Acid Diethylamide), Barbiturates etc.

Narcotic drugs psychotropic drugs are highly addictive. They are much more addictive and dangerous than tobacco or alchol. This is because tobacco and alchol can be given up if the person has a strong will-power but the habit of taking narcotic drugs is very difficult to leave. The narcotic drugs are very dangerous because the body of a person becomes overwhelmingly dependent on them and the person demands ever-increasing doses of narcotics to satisfy his uncontrollable urge. When narcotic drugs are swallowed, inhaled or injected into the blood, they distort the sensory perceptions temporarily and create an insensible condition. Initially, people start taking drugs for pleasure or excitement or to relive themselves of mental agony. Sometimes drugs are taken just for the sake of misplaced adventure or fun, in the company of friends, but they soon get ‘hooked’ to these drugs and end up being physical and mental wrecks.

The various harmful effects or disorders caused by addiction to narcotic drugs are given below-

  • It causes serious damage to the nervous system and other organs of the body.
  • Due to the habitual use of narcotic drugs, psychic dependence on drugs develops, the addicts find it hard to leave them and are doomed to an early death.
  • It has a bad effect on eye-sight, hearing capacity, cardiovascular and respiratory systems.
  • The use of narcotic drugs through injections leads to rapid spreading of the AIDS disease. This is because many drug addicts use (share) the same injection needle to inject drugs into their bodies. So, if any one of them is suffering from AIDS, then it will be transferred to all others through the infected needle.
  • Drug addiction is a social evil and encourages unlawful activities. Narcotic drugs increase crime in society. This is because male addicts start committing crimes like stealing etc. to get the badly needed money to buy more drugs, and female drug addicts usually turn to prostitution to obtain the money they need for drugs.

In some exceptional circumstances, narcotic drugs are sometimes used for the treatment of certain diseases. Since narcotic drugs are extremely harmful, so their supply is strictly controlled. The narcotic drugs can be sold only on the prescription of a doctor for medical use only. Some anti-social people, however, sell these otherwise banned drugs in a clandestine manner at high prices to make easy money. These anti-social elements first initiate the un-suspecting, innocent youth by giving them a few doses free of charge. And when these youth become addicted, they charge them heavily, turning them bankrupt. And these drug addicts usually turn to the world of crime for making money to buy their daily quota of drugs.

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