Difference Between Electrochemical and Electrolytic Cell

Electrochemical and Electrolytic Cell:

The following are the points of difference between Electrochemical and Electrolytic Cell-

Electrochemical CellElectrolytic Cell
Electrical energy is produced in this cell.Electrical energy is consumed in this cell.
The reaction taking place in this cell is spontaneous.The reaction taking place in this cell is non-spontaneous and it takes place only when electrical energy from outside is supplied.
The two electrodes are set up in two different containers containing different electrolytes and the two half cells thus formed are connected through a salt bridge.Both the electrodes are placed in the solution or molten electrolyte in the same container.
An anode is a negative electrode and a cathode is positive.An anode is a positive electrode and a cathode is negative.
Electrodes used in two half-cells are of different materials.Electrodes may be of the same or different materials.
The electrons move from anode to cathode in an external circuit.The electrons are supplied by the external source. They enter through a cathode and come out through an anode.

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