Java Random Class

Java Random Class:

We can use the Eclipse IDE for this example. If you do not know about it then follow this link- How to Install Eclipse For Java and create a program in it.

Java’s Random class generates sequences of numbers that, by the most stringent technical standards, are “almost random”. To use the correct terminology, the Random class creates a pseudo-random sequence of numbers.

Constructor for Java Random Class:

Random()Creates a new random number generator.
Random(seed:longCreates a new random number generator using a single long seed.

Java Random Class Methods:

nextInt()Returns the random integer value.
nextInt(n)Returns the random integer value from the range 0 to n.
nextLong()Returns a random long value.
nextDouble()Returns a random double value.
nextFloat()Returns a random float value.
nextBoolean()Returns a random boolean value.
Java Random Numbers Code

Output 1:

java random number output 1

Output 2:

java random number output 2
package com.java_tutorial;

import java.util.Random;

public class Random_class {

	public static void main(String[] args) {
		// TODO Auto-generated method stub

		Random random = new Random();
		int a = random.nextInt();
		System.out.println("a value is " + a);
		long b = random.nextLong();
		System.out.println("b value is " + b);
		double c = random.nextDouble();
		System.out.println("c value is " + c);
		float d = random.nextFloat();
		System.out.println("d value is " + d);
		boolean e = random.nextBoolean();
		System.out.println("e value is " + e);


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